How to edit structures in fortnite, How to quickly edit in Fortnite and other tips and tricks you should master

How to edit in fortnite - It is possible to edit much faster in Fortnite with a method that you may not have been using until now but that you are interested in adopting to save yourself a few thousandths of a second in each of your constructions.

How to edit structures in fortnite, How to quickly edit in Fortnite and other tips and tricks you should master

It is important to know how to build in Fortnite, but you should also know the best way to edit structures. Well, for a long time the players, for natural reasons, have been editing the structures in a predetermined way and that makes them lose some time in Fortnite.

How to edit structures in fortnite

Well, we are going to tell you a new way to edit quickly in Fortnite so that you can put it into practice in your next games, and that will allow you to gain a few thousandths of a second that can decide the future of the combat.

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How to quickly edit in Fortnite and other tips and tricks you should master

How to edit faster

What most players do is hit the edit button and then search for the opposing squares of the structure to finish the edit. Well, you can save yourself a step. As soon as you are editing a structure, instead of looking for the opposite squares that are the furthest away, you can go directly to the small central squares that contain the arrows. You will achieve exactly the same thing as going to the opposite squares, but by having to make a smaller path, you will save a few thousandths of a second. In the following image you have an explanation of the path you must follow in editing to adopt the quick procedure.

How to open doors faster

When approaching a door and opening it, the character's sprint is canceled for a few thousandths of a second to open the door. What you don't know is that when you're running and you're going to open a door, if at that precise moment you change weapons, you'll cancel the door opening animation and the character won't lose the sprint, thus gaining a few thousandths of a second.

Use a different building material than your opponent

When starting a build fight with an opponent, always try to use the opponent's material. What you will achieve with this is that if you are victorious in the confrontation, then you can go and collect all the resources of the opponent and you will completely refill the material that you have used for the combat. If both of you end up using the same material, then you won't be able to obtain the same material because your opponent would have already spent it.

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How to cancel enemy traps

Although we can destroy the traps of the enemies with a clean shot or with the pickaxe, this procedure can alert the rest of the adversaries and is a bit slower. Instead, when you walk near an enemy's trap, you can cancel it by placing a pyramid.

How to make an opponent unable to escape our trap

When we place a trap on one of the walls to attack an opponent, it is likely that the opponent can go to the opposite side to avoid being hit by the trap. However, if you place a ramp right in the middle of the cubicle where you have placed the trap, you will prevent the opponent from going to the opposite side.

How to take advantage of a disadvantageous position on the ground

If you see that an enemy has gained height and you are lower, all is not lost. In this circumstance you can always choose to put different ceilings, edit the quadrant of one of these ceilings, and surprise the rival with a shot that is not expected. For this you must wait for the opponent to finish a burst of shots since he will have to reload or change weapons, and it would be the ideal time to counterattack him. 

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