Where to find gas stations to refuel the cars of Season 3

Where to find gas cans fortnite -  The arrival of the new cars of Season 3 to Fortnite has meant a turn to the gameplay to which we had already become so used. No wonder: these vehicles have been formed as the perfect opportunity for Epic Games to experiment with new game dynamics within the games. And we no longer say this only because of the characteristics in themselves that the latter have, but because the way of using them differs a lot from what we have been able to see in other types of vehicles.

Where to find gas stations to refuel the cars of Season 3

We are talking, specifically, that we will have to refuel the new cars of Season 3 from time to time at different gas stations, since their tank will be emptied as we use them more within the same game.

For this reason, at Areajugones we wanted to make things a little easier for you after the release of Fortnite patch 13.40 by preparing a guide in which you can easily find all the exact locations of the gas stations of Season 3 of the battle royale. Let's go to trouble.

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Where and how to refuel the cars of Fortnite Season 3

In order to refuel the new Fortnite vehicles, all you have to do is go to a gas station, activate one of the cans to use its hose and approach the vehicle to refill its gas tank. However, those who do not know the Fortnite map like the back of their hand may find certain difficulties in this task by not knowing the exact location of all these reporting stations. Luckily, we have already found them to show you their exact coordinates in the following image:

Where to find gas stations to refuel the cars of Season 3

We could not finish this article without mentioning that Fortnite update 13.40 has not only arrived with several playable news to the battle royale, but also with a good handful of skins and cosmetic objects that will be unlocked in the store in the coming days and that you can get it for a handful of turkeys.

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