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How to get valor in halo infinite (fastest way)

How to get valor halo infinite -  Get more value quickly in Halo Infinite by completing different missions. Squad rescues are the easiest to deal with and guarantee Valor.

While there are a few ways to get valor halo infinite in Infinite Halo, the fastest way is by completing side quests throughout the game. Halo Infinity has an organized point system similar to experience points in Halo Infinity multiplayer and other games. Players complete tasks as Master Chief and gain courage. Valor Points are used to unlock Vehicles, Marines, and Weapons. Given value is a valuable currency in Infinity Halo, players will likely look for ways to obtain it more quickly.

How to get valor in halo infinite (fastest way)

The quest to rid Installation 07 of the Outcasts in Infinite Halo may be taking its toll on players. The Master Chief must complete missions, crush brutes and other enemies, and empower his forces to excel in the campaign. Capturing forward operating bases, clearing outposts, and rescuing marine squadrons are the main Halo Infinity activities that players must prioritize if they want to quickly gain Valor.

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In Infinite Halo the Forward Operating Bases contain multiple enemies. There are boss-like enemies, brutes, and also conventions that players must eliminate. Once these are defeated, a terminal will be unlocked in the center of the base that players can access to earn their Valor and other rewards. They should always remember to collect the loot found in the area.

Different ways to quickly
get valor halo infinite

Halo Infinite The single player campaign takes place in an open world. As players race or hopefully drive they may come across different side quests which are also good opportunities to gain more value in Infinite Halo. While some main story missions offer Valor as a reward, most of the Master Chief's Valor will come from the activities required to eliminate the Outcasts from Zeta Halo.

Players may notice different icons on the map. These lead to different missions, as well as Halo Infinite mission collectibles. Hovering over the icons will indicate what they are. It will also list the rewards that players will unlock upon completing a task. This can help you decide which tasks to do first to get more Value quickly. Here are the tasks players should focus on first to get the most value right away:

  • FOB (Forward Operating Bases) - Supply bases with vehicles, weapons and more.
  • Outposts - Facilities full of enemies to conquer.
  • Squads - A particular group of UNSC Marines in need of help. These are the fastest to erase and guarantee Value upon completion.
  • Propaganda Towers - Spread buildings for grunts. When these are destroyed, the players will gain value.

Of all these Halo Infinity activities, rescuing squads is the easiest and fastest option to gain Valor. However, players should note that the total amount of Valor earned from rescuing squads is sometimes less than from other activities. Still, due to the ease with which this activity can be completed and the Guaranteed Value as a reward, they are the most reliable method of earning a lot of Value quickly. 

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