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Halo infinite how to beat chak lok Boss Guide || Chak Lok in Halo Infinite

How to beat chak lok Halo Infinite -  The Chak ‘Lok boss battle in Halo Infinite requires players to use specific tools to counter Chak’ Lok’s unique abilities and surprise attacks. Infinite Halo features several challenging bosses to beat, including Chak ‘Lok, who uses a special ability that can be difficult to counter. To defeat Chak ‘Lok, players will need certain equipment. This boss is also easier to beat if players have completed an open world exploration in Infinite Halo and gathered Spartan cores for upgrades. Finding Spartan cores in Infinity Halo will require a thorough exploration of every open section of the map.

Halo infinite how to beat chak lok Boss Guide  || Chak Lok in Halo Infinite

Players will get the Threat Sensor as they play through the campaign missions in Infinite Halo. The threat sensor is essential to defeating Chak ‘Lok, as it will reveal his position. Otherwise, Chak ‘Lok uses a special ability to become almost completely invisible and will sneak up on players with an Energy Sword. Revealing the location of Chak ‘Lok will give players the advantage they need to win the fight.

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In Infinite Halo, there are eight Spartan Cores available on the first island, Recovery. Players can use the cores to get some upgrades that will aid them in the fight against Chak ‘Lok, such as the Grappleshot upgrades. Using three cores, players can increase the Grappleshot so that it stuns enemies when shot directly at them. This will work to temporarily immobilize Chak ‘Lok so players can work towards dealing as much damage as possible.

Chak Lok in Halo Infinite  || How to beat chak lok legendary

Infinite Halo Players will fight Chak ‘Lok at the end of the fourth mission of the“ The Tower. “The fight will take place in an arena where Chak‘ Lok will use Active Camo to become almost invisible. The Threat Sensor, a must-see item that players will get when playing Infinite Halo's campaign works by revealing threats in a specific area. Chak ‘Lok will be highlighted whenever he is in range of the threat sensor, so players must continually use him to keep Chak’ Lok visible. The Threat Sensor can also be upgraded with Spartan Cores to increase its area of ​​effect.

After revealing Chak ‘Lok in Infinite Halo, players must work to drain the boss's shields. The best way to quickly deplete Chak 'Lok's shields is to use Halo Infinite Plasma Weapons such as Grenades or Pistols. Players can also use the Grapplshot if it is upgraded to stun Chak ‘Lok or shoot Shock Coils around the arena when Chak’ Lok is close to them. Once their shields are down, players can use any weapon to deal damage and defeat the boss.

Although Chak 'Lok is the first boss in Infinite Halo, he can be difficult to defeat if players don't know how to use the threat sensor correctly. Revealing his location and draining the shields from him are the hardest parts of the fight, so once players get used to it, the battle shouldn't be too challenging. However, this will also depend on what Infinite Halo Difficulty level players have selected when fighting Chak ‘Lok. 

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