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How to tame Dinosaurs and location in Fortnite

How to kill the dinosaur in fortnite - Fortnite Battle Royale has finally added dinosaurs, in the form of enemies, to thanks to Season 6: Instincts. Like other animals like wolves, boars, frogs and chickens, dinosaurs are already on the Battle Island. 

How to tame Dinosaurs and location in Fortnite

As with other dangerous animals in the game, the dinosaurs known as raptors or velociraptors are aggressive creatures that will try to end our lives if we are not careful. But they can also be tamed and used to help us kill our enemies and thus win the game. We tell you how to do it.

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How to tame dinosaurs klombo in fortnite

  1. The dinosaurs are tamed in the same way as other animals: that is, by throwing a piece of meat and approaching the dinosaur while eating it until the button appears to interact with the animal and, if you fill up the meter, you will have managed to tame the creature.
  2. However, this process is quite complicated, and you will not usually have time to do it. so the easiest way to tame dinosaurs is to get a Hunter Cloak and put it on. With it, the dinosaurs will not attack you or run away when they see you, unless you attack.
  3. With the hunter cape on, simply approach the dinosaur and interact with it, this will allow you to tame it. From then on, the dinosaur will go with you, eat meat on the ground, attack enemies and go where you "signal" (throwing pieces of meat). You must bear in mind that, as with wolves and boars, they attack enemies as soon as they detect them, so forget about ambushing other players.

How and where to find dinosaurs klombo in fortnite

  1. As with wolves and wild boars, dinosaurs are found in any leafy area and appear completely at random.
  2. There is no exact map or location to find Velociraptors in Fortnite. However, it is more common to find them in places with trees or forests, such as Alameda Afligida.
  3. When you find one be careful, because they go in a group, don't try to face them head on or they'll rip your guts out before you have time to make jokes about Blue.


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Remember that the dinosaurs are one of the additions of the season, and they can be part of the weekly challenges or, later, the Missions of The Spire. 

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