Banshee Location Halo Infinite || Where is the Banshee Campaign in Halo Infinite?

Where to find banshee Halo Infinite -  Flying vehicles are few and far between when you play Halo Infinite and explore the open world of the Zeta Halo Ring. Instead of being able to zoom at your own pace, you must rely on your Grappleshot to get you from point to point, through large caverns and up steep hills.

Banshee Location Halo Infinite ||  Where is the Banshee Campaign in Halo Infinite?

As such, you're probably wondering how you can get your hands on a flying vehicle within the campaign. Well, in short, for both Banshee and WASP, you'll have to wait until the third act of the campaign, but finding a Banshee is a lot less work than trying to catch the UNSC counterpart.

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If you are looking for a WASP, you can check out our Halo Infinite WASP location guide, but this article will focus on Banshee. So, keep reading to see the Halo Infinite Banshee location and where you can find them in the world.

Location Banshee Halo Infinite 

The Banshee in Halo Infinite can be found in the Reformation area of ​​the open world. Once you complete the Pelican Down quest in Act 3, you gain access to the Reformation area and this is where Banshees can be found in Outposts and Banished Strongholds. 

To get into these Banshees, you can Grappleshot them from the air or jump into their seats on the ground and start using them.

There is no way to summon a Banshee from FOB terminals. They can only be found in the open world. They are plentiful enough, though, and keep spawning even after you've cleared the map area, so you can still use them to clear out any bases or objectives you've missed.

That covers Halo Infinite Banshee's location within the open world of the campaign. For more tips and help with the open world of Halo Infinite, check out our Halo Infinite walkthrough.

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