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Halo infinite tournament || Cloud9 Halo Infinite tournament champion

Cloud9 Halo Infinite - Finally we have a new winner of the First Halo Infinite Tournament This is Cloud9, who beat eUnited in the HCS Grand Opening grand finale in Raleigh.

This North American-born team won the first major Halo Infinite tournament and won it $ 140,000 after winning a series of 5 authoritative maps. The grand finale of the Kickoff Major was the longest match of the tournament.

Halo infinite tournament || Cloud9 Halo Infinite tournament champion

Instead of being a best of 5 (Bo5), like the rest of the playoffs, it was a best of 7 series (Bo7); eUnited was from the bottom end and had to win 2 series in a row to lift the trophy, but that's not what happened.  Like Cloud 9, he immediately took the lead with a dominant Oddball win at Streets.

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Both teams slowly contested a Slayer round at Recharge, which was very close from start to finish. The Cloud9 simply ran away to buy time and ended up winning 46-45, thanks to the solid performance of the Renegade and a couple of kills from Echo in the closing seconds.

This team again had a quick lead over 60 points of Strongholds in Live Fire and although eUnited narrowed the gap, Cloud9 again parted ways thanks to a perfect rotation, after which their rivals were never able to catch up.

And it is that eUnited needed to win at least 4 maps in a row starting with CTF in Aquarius, just to force another series. The team managed to capture a couple of flags to secure the first map of the grand finale, but Cloud9 disappointed all their hopes, won another round of Slayer at the Bazaar and took the victory.

Getting to the point of lifting the Kickoff Major trophy was a relatively easy task for the Cloud9 players as they hit a perfect 7-0 record in this tournament and only lost 6 maps.

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