UFO crash in fortnite : Where to explore a UFO crash site

How to scout a ufo crash site in fortnite - The new Fortnite update has brought the much-requested crossover with Naruto. With the new event, a host of new NPCs arrive on the Battle Royale island, including the series' pivotal character, Kakashi. Like Dark Jonesy and other NPCs, you can find Kakashi and accept a number of new challenges to get rewards. 

UFO crash in fortnite : Where to explore a UFO crash site

The first of these challenges for Kakashi Quest will assign you the task of exploring the site of a UFO crash. This guide will show you where to explore a UFO crash site in Fortnite.

Where to explore a UFO crash site in Fortnite

How to scout a ufo crash site in fortnite -  The first thing you need to do to start the Punchcard Quest is talk to Kakashi on the island. The NPC can be found west of the Lazy Lake location and north of the lake is located south of the map. His location will be indicated by a white speech bubble when you approach him. Once you find Kakashi, you can talk to him. From there, you can begin your search for the site of the UFO crash, as this is the first challenge in your Punchcard Quest.

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Once you're ready for the challenge, go to one of the alien wreckage around the map and find the interactive clock nearby. The map below will show you where to find these time trials, you can access this map in your game by going through the challenges and hovering over Kakashi's. Once you interact with the watch, you will have a time limit to collect eight translucent items found in and around the crash site. You can track these items by following the white beam they emit into the sky. Collecting all eight within the time limit will complete the challenge.

Where to find Kakashi Fortnite

Once you have explored the site of the UFO crash, the challenge will be completed and you will receive 30,000 XP as a reward for leveling up your Fortnite Season 8 Battle Pass. Then you can move on to the next challenge in Kakashi’s Punchcard Quest: Hit three players with Paper Bomb Kunai

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