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Review Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Theatrhythm final bar line - Square Enix on this occasion brings us the largest musical compilation they have made to date, The Theatrhythm series has been very loved since its launch on the Nintendo 3DS portable console, due to its success Square Enix made other musical games both Dragon Quest and Kingdom Hearts, but none compares to all the content this game has, making it Square's most ambitious music game to date and a celebration of a saga as long-lived as Final Fantasy and its excellent soundtrack.

The game has an overwhelming number of songs, we are talking about more than 380 songs without counting downloadable content, including themes from the first Final Fantasy to the Final Fantasy 7 remake, including spin-offs of all kinds.

Review Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

Once we start the game we have few options at the beginning, then you play a type of adventure divided by game where you select your characters, collect objects and unlock special keys to access the songs, an extensive list, once you complete a song for the first time Once you can repeat it as many times as you want in music stages, which has been like an arcade mode where you can play the song you want, the series quest mode will allow you to unlock all the songs in the game.

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The gameplay is quite addictive, very affordable for those who just want to enjoy the music, the game for lovers of rhythm titles has difficulty options for those looking for something more challenging. This game is perfect for short gaming sessions, you can enjoy several songs if you don't have a lot of time, but it is so addictive that you can easily spend hours discovering nostalgic melodies. It should be noted that the game has beautiful art design, different from what we are used to, but it fits perfectly with the type of game it is.

While you play the songs the characters will be in the background fighting with the enemies, if you miss a note you take damage, while you finish the songs the characters you use will level up and gain new skills that they will use automatically, you can assign them the most suits you for the encounter, that in many cases an ability could be more useful, since the songs have a secondary objective that would be to defeat a certain number of enemies, cause X amount of damage or defeat a boss in a while limit, in addition to assigning the abilities we can also have an invocation, which have different abilities such as making you gain more experience, etc.

The notes do not use a specific button that we must press, in fact, you can use the one that suits you best, in addition to pressing the button, there will be notes where we have to leave it pressed, or use the sticks or both for the yellow notes that can be of any direction, the higher the difficulty, the more variations can be presented.

Review Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

In Theatrhythm Final Bar Line we will find different types of styles to overcome each battle, there are the most traditional ones that deal with combat, others that are adventures that vary a bit in the notes that come out and the cinematics, in which you play over moments and iconic music videos.

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What better way to enjoy a rhythm game than in company? The game has a cooperative mode so that you and a friend can play where the notes are divided into 2 screens. The game also has an online multiplayer mode where you will face 3 other players online. This video game is very enjoyable, either alone or in company.

Finally, we also have at our disposal a section where we can see our records, achievements and a lot of unlockables, in which there are some special cards and arts of the different titles, collectibles that we will unlock by completing the secondary objectives of the songs. There is also a section where we can modify our Proficard, which is nothing more than our player card, and a configuration section where we can review all the tutorials in case you need to refresh your memory.

Review Theatrhythm Final Bar Line

In conclusion, the only negative aspect that could be highlighted about the game is that essentially you will do the same thing all the time, it can become a bit repetitive in very long sessions, but if you are a fan of Final Fantasy you should not miss this massive compilation of music, it is a quite addictive and affordable game for any player, play your favorite songs, get good grades, unlock objects, everything flows harmoniously so you do not want to let go of control, if you still doubt there is a demo available where you can try the game and transfer your progress to the full game, it is definitely a must for lovers of rhythm games and especially fans of the beloved and emblematic Final Fantasy saga.

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