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How To Get A Lightsaber In Fortnite and Fortnite Lightsaber Locations

How to throw lightsaber in fortnite - How do you get a Fortnite lightsaber? After the galaxy-consuming Star Wars event, lightsabers in Fortnite are officially a thing, and holy Baby Yoda, those things are OP. I will be frank with you, dear reader. I suck at Fortnite - I average one kill per game.
I killed like 10 people in my first match with one. I'm basically Bugha now.

That said, finding one of Fortnite's various lightsaber locations is like finding a droid in a Mos Eisley cantina - that's pretty hard, and just as dangerous. So I went ahead and compiled all the top questions players have about how to find a lightsaber in Fortnite and how to best use it.

How to get a lightsaber in Fortnite

How To Get A Lightsaber In Fortnite and Fortnite Lightsaber Locations
You can find the famous sci-fi swords from Star Wars in dark blue chests. These rare hidden treasures are usually located where you would normally find chests; In other words, I went back to the same place in a different game and it was just a normal old chest again.

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Open one and various colors of lightsaber will pour out: red, blue, green and purple. You can equip them all if you want, though they all act the same apart from a few sound differences. No one will judge you if you walk around with all of them - they're pretty cool.

Fortnite Lightsaber Tips

Attacking with a lightsaber is as easy as shooting with any other weapon: press the left mouse button and your character will unleash a couple of wide horizontal arcs, ending with a downward slash.

While you're not completely useless at a distance (more on that below), your best bet is to get up close. If your opponent tries to build some cover or hide in a building, get a cut to make quick work of any cover. Keep track of your opponents' location through their cover and pressure them until they panic. Then try to get some strikes and leave them forever. Most of my hits connect for around 40-60 damage, which is enough to kill someone with just a few hits.

Also, try to approach enemies from lower positions. That may seem counter-intuitive ("I've got the high ground," and all), but considering the lightsaber only swings horizontally and ends with a downward slash, you're not going to go through the floors below your feet as efficiently as you would. might like. Gives opponents a large window to return fire.

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Blocking with the Fortnite lightsaber is even easier than attacking: hold down the right mouse button and watch your character go into a defensive stance. This is where the lightsaber really shines, especially at mid-range. As long as you are blocking and preventing your enemy from attacking at an angle, you can block every shot, including the shotgun spread. Use it to close the gap with an opponent and get in their face.


I am amazed at how powerful the lightsaber is in Fortnite. While it may only take a day for everyone to adjust to this temporary meta, I look forward to the inevitable YouTube videos of frustrated players being tragically eliminated like the rookie Padawan trainees that they are.


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