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Slide kick in fortnite, How do you slide kick in fortnite

How to slide kick in fortnite -  Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 4 has officially started, which, among many other things, introduces the new Slide Kick mechanic to the game. The new ability does exactly what it's titled: It allows players to kick their opponents by sliding towards them.

First introduced during Chapter 3 Season 1, Fortnite's gliding ability allows players to glide on their legs down any inclined surface, greatly increasing movement speed. Chapter 3 Season 4 expands on this feature and now adds a kickback ability in the form of a slide kick.

How to slide kicks in Fortnite

While new moves or mechanics usually mean another specific input to remember, Fortnite's Slide Kick thankfully doesn't require any additional knowledge. For Slide Kick, Fortnite players can simply slide like they normally do, as the new feature has been added to sliding in general.

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Slide kick in fortnite, How do you slide kick in fortnite

To swipe/Slide Kick, console players must click the right stick while running; PC players can use Left Ctrl. This means players can lunge at their opponents and aim to knock them out of position, making the surrounding terrain even more crucial.

The new Slide Kick ability should prove especially interesting with Fortnite's new chrome season. Chapter 3 Season 4 introduces a new item called the Chrome Splash, a throwable item that allows users to traverse any buildable surface.

Chrome Splash can also be used on its own, improving speed, negating fall damage, and granting an air blast, which can be used to Chrome-ify buildings as if the item were thrown. Players can use this in conjunction with Slide Kick to catch others off guard and it should be exciting to see it implemented in high-end games.

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The immensely popular Battle Royale title from Epic Games has been making players' movement ability more dynamic for the past few seasons of Chapter 3. After adding the swipe mechanic in Season 1, Season 2 brought the tactical abilities of sprinting and mantle to Fortnite, allowing players to cover distances and scale buildings much more quickly and easily. It will be interesting to see how strong the Slide Kick is and if speed and speed have any kind of impact on its effectiveness.

With the new Battle Pass with Spider-Gwen from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and plenty of other new content, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4, figuratively and literally, is just getting started.

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