Where find the secret door past the main chamber in shuffled shrines fortnite

Find the secret door fortnite - It's very rare for Fortnite to have puzzles within its map, but when it does, you can expect it to bring in some excellent buffs. This is the case with the secret door in the Shuffled Shrines location, as players will have to solve a tricky puzzle to open it and earn all of its goodies. Here's how to open this door and everything you'll get from it.

Where find the secret door past the main chamber in shuffled shrines fortnite

How to find and open the secret door in Shuffled Shrines fortnite

The secret door in Shuffled Shrines is in the very center of the location in an underground tunnel. You'll know you're in the right place when you see four interactive stones nearby that have symbols on each side. So, as you might guess, the door can only be opened once you've rotated the stones to reveal the correct symbols, albeit in no particular order.

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The correct set of symbols is different each game, but can be resolved by finding four nearby rocks that reveal each one. These symbols come in the form of blue spirals, yellow suns, and orange diamonds. You can find the location of each rock detailed and marked below.

Where find the secret door past the main chamber in shuffled shrines fortnite

  • Symbol #1: The first of the four symbols can be found at the bottom of a staircase in the southwest corner of Shuffled Shrines. Once you reach the bottom, continue forward until you see the first glowing symbol on a rock.
  • Symbol #2 – The following symbol can be discovered in the top left corner of the POI. It's on a rock next to a damaged stone wall.
  • Symbol #3 – In the top center of Shuffled Shrines, you should see an orange tent that looks out onto a dirt pit. This symbol should be on a rock below the store.
  • Symbol #4: Lastly, you'll want to jump into the dirt hole in the top right corner of the map. It is here that there is a final symbolized rock that is fenced off in the center of the hole.


Fortnite indiana jones puzzle

You can return to the stone structures in the secret door to rotate them until the front of each one shows the specific symbols you've found. The door ahead will open and lead to a breakable wall containing many rare chests and a relic behind it. 


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Since completing this puzzle is part of an Indiana Jones quest, those who finish it will also get Indy's Dustoff Emote. The challenge is just one of 11 Indiana Jones missions with others rewarding you with his skin and other themed cosmetics.

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