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Where to find tents in fortnite, how to store (and collect) items from a shop

Where to find tents in fortnite -  Players can store and collect items in tents in Fortnite thanks to their addition as part of the Chapter 3 update. Chapter 3 brought tons of new changes to the game, including a whole new island. Additionally, each named location has been altered to fit the new season theme. One of the biggest changes coming this season is the new shop mechanic. If players use it, they can store items to collect in the next game. Usually when players die on the battlefield they are sent back to the lobby and lose all their weapons. By using tents, players will be able to store legendary and rare weapons for later use.

For example, the Spider-Man Web-Shooters are perfect weapons to save for another time. While they allow players to move around the map faster by swinging off nearby structures, there are times when players may want to focus on killing or completing challenges. Every Fortnite match is different, and what players need to accomplish will change with each round. Although, for the tent to work, the player will need to find a tent in the next round.

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After locating a store, players can place it and choose three items at a time to store. Players can drop off their shop at this location or pick it up to use at a later time. Regardless of where one is placed in game one, they will still need to find a store in another game. Even a handful of seasonal challenges reward players with XP for correctly using a store. At any time, players can go to the Quest tab and find what challenges are available.

How to Use of tents in Fortnite Chapter 3

Tents worked best in Fortnite if players participated in duos, trios, or quads. Since each player can place their own shop, they can store healing items, shield potions, sprays, and more to save for future games. It's almost like creating a small community of tents. Keeping the entire team alive is essential, and using the tent will make that a bit easier. Fortnite players can also share quests with friends and work together to complete challenges and level up.

Where to find tents in fortnite, how to store (and collect) items from a shop

Alternatively, enemy players can rob another player's shop. If they leave it on the ground and another player finds it, they can break it down. The items will remain there in the next game, but the player will need to find another store in the same game to retrieve those items. They spawn in random locations on the map, but have a chance of spawning in chests. Tents glow blue, so players need to keep an eye out for them when exploring.

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