Long Shot Medals in COD Mobile, How to Get Easy Long Shot Medals in COD Mobile Season 6

How to Get Long Shot Medals in COD Mobile - There are certain challenges in COD Mobile that can puzzle players more than others. Earning achievements like a bloodthirsty medal takes some time, but at least players know exactly what they need to do to earn it. However, long shot medals have been a thorn in the side of any Call of Duty player and the same is true in COD Mobile.

Long Shot Medals in COD Mobile, How to Get Easy Long Shot Medals in COD Mobile Season 6
For most players, earning long shot medals will only be a problem when facing camouflage challenges. One of the challenges on the way to earning gold camo requires players to collect a set number of longshot medals. The challenge is only necessary for ranged weapons, but that doesn't make it any easier. However, there are a couple of ways players can start racking up medals quickly.

Get risky medals in COD Mobile

The definition of a long shot is a bit murky in COD Mobile. Essentially, players must kill an enemy player at a distance that qualifies as a long shot. However, players will not be able to measure this distance, so they will have to use their best judgment.

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When choosing a location to get a long shot, players should choose a map that has long lines of sight. A map like Highrise, Standoff, Crossfire, etc. are great options. They have distinct long lines of sight for players to use. When players choose a place to earn the medal, they must also make sure they have the proper equipment.

Using a high zoom viewfinder is the best course of action. In addition, it is recommended to use accessories that stabilize recoil and increase the range of damage. This makes the player's weapon more powerful and less likely to kick. With the high zoom scope, players should be able to attack enemies from afar with ease.

After a player has earned a long shot medal, they should make a note of where they are currently and where the enemy they killed was. Knowing that the distance is good enough for a longshot, players can plan their other kills around that. Given enough time, players will have more than enough longshot medals to earn camo on their weapons.

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