Where to find boars in fortnite | where to find wolves in fortnite | Where to find chickens in fortnite

Where to find boars fortnite -  When players first move into Season 6, one of the biggest changes they'll notice, aside from weapon crafting and new locations on the map, is that animals like wolves and boars now roam the wilds of the island.

Where to find boars in fortnite | where to find wolves in fortnite | Where to find chickens in fortnite

Some of these animals, like chickens and frogs, will go about their business, but more brutal predators, like wolves and boars, will attack you on sight, adding a new threat to the popular battle royale game.
However, you can tame some of these wild animals, and it's actually quite easy if you know how to do it. Below you will find instructions on how to tame animals in Fortnite and their location on the map.

How to tame boars in Fortnite

Taming boars in Fortnite is a bit more difficult than taming wolves or chickens. Wolves can be fed animal meat to distract them, and chickens can simply be picked up, but neither can boars.

Here's how to tame a boar in Fortnite:

  1. Pick fruits or vegetables on the farm.
  2. Find a boar in the wild places on the island.
  3. Throw fruits or vegetables near the boar, but don't let it see you.
  4. While the Boar is distracted, sneak up on him.
  5. Hold down the command button to "tame" the boar.

Boars aren't as fast and won't deal as much damage as wolves, but you still need to stay alert as they can slowly eat away at your health if you're not careful.


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Where to find boars in Fortnite

While wolves are quite difficult to find on the island, probably because they tend to pack together, wild boar are much more common. They can be found not only in wandering forests, but also on farms.
One place where boars always spawn is a new POI called Ear Colosseum. It is located to the east of the Tower in the center of the map, and there is a fenced paddock where boars can usually be found.

How to train wolves in Fortnite

Wolves are by far the most exciting addition to Season 6. They are the deadliest, so they will give players a lot of trouble. But if you can tame them, they will become a powerful ally in destroying your opponents.

Here's how to tame a wolf in Fortnite:

  1. Explore the wild areas of the island until you find the wolves.
  2. Destroy one of them to earn "meat" that you can collect.
  3. Leave this meat next to the Wolf, then hide.
  4. Once the wolf is distracted by the meat, you can safely approach him.
  5. Hold down the command button to "tame" the wolf.

The wolves will be by your side until they are destroyed, attacking anyone who gets in your way. However, they are easily distracted by whatever meat is found on the island.

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Where to find wolves in Fortnite

Wolves are the hardest to find in the wild right now, and they don't seem to be tied to any specific location on the Season 6 map at the moment. To find them, you will have to do some hunting.
They'll spawn in various wild spaces around the island, but if you're looking for a place to start, they'll occasionally spawn northwest of the new Wild Village point, so it's worth landing there.

How to tame chickens in Fortnite

Chickens function a bit differently than wolves and warthogs. You don't have to worry about them attacking you, and you don't tame them in the traditional sense either. Instead, you can pick them up and fly!

Here's how to tame a chicken in Fortnite:

  1. Explore the wild areas of the island to find the chicken..
  2. Chase her!
  3. After catching up, press the command button to "tame" the chicken.
  4. Now you will take the chicken.
  5. Jump and you can take off.

Chickens are definitely the funniest animal on the island, though the chances of them helping you win are slim.

Where to find chickens in Fortnite

Chickens seem to be the most common wild animals on the island, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them. Search around farms and forests, and you're bound to find a couple of birds. Listening to the sounds is very important here: although you may not see these little animals, you will definitely hear the clucking of the chickens. Make sure you have sound effects turned on and your headphones are working.

Using a hunter's cloak to tame animals

After destroying some animals and collecting their resources, you will be able to create a hunter cape. With this item, you can sneak up on any wild animal, which means it will be much easier to tame.


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