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How to activate gyroscope Fortnite Xbox

How to turn on gyro on fortnite xbox -  In this article we will introduce you, the best gyroscope and joystick setups for Fortnite and can Xbox gamers use them?

How to activate gyroscope Fortnite Xbox

The best gyroscope settings for Fortnite

How to activate gyroscope Fortnite Xbox

You can enable these options by going to Settings and selecting the Touch & Motion tab.

  1. Aiming with the gyroscope: On. Activate gyroscope control.
  2. Active mode (combat): Aiming or aiming. This option allows the use of the gyroscope for any weapon.
  3. Active Mode (Construction): Always. This will allow you to use your controller's gyroscope for both building and editing.
  4. Gaze Wand Effect: Disable for beginners. This will disable the gyroscope when you use the right stick. None for the most professional players or those who have experience in the use of the gyroscope. This option does not affect the gyroscope when using the right stick.
  5. Sensitivity: 0.5, we recommend keeping this setting at this low level or even lower, as higher sensitivity can ruin your aim if you inadvertently move your hand even slightly.
  6. Flick Stick: On. This will allow the player to move in a certain direction. For example, if you turn the stick to the right, the camera will also quickly turn to the right, instead of turning toward it at normal sensitivity. Remember that this only allows you to turn the camera left and right, so you have to activate the gyroscope control if you want to look up and down.
  7. Additional gyroscope parameters: Out. These settings can be confusing to new players, and even some professionals may find them incomprehensible. You can start experimenting with them once you are familiar with the gyroscope control. Although, if you still want more control over the gyroscope, you can set this option to On. This will give you the option to change the following gyroscope settings.
  8. Settings
  9. Orientation
  10. Filters
  11. Options


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You can leave any other settings not mentioned here as default. Remember that when you use the gyroscope settings, the aim assist will be disabled.

How can I activate the gyroscope in Fortnite for Xbox?

Unfortunately, you cannot use the gyroscope in Fortnite on Xbox. The reason is that Xbox controllers do not support gyroscope. Be it the Xbox One controller or the new Xbox X|S series controllers. Both don't support gyroscope. Therefore, without controller support, the game will not be able to add this feature to this console.

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