How to get fortnite on ipad || Play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad despite Apple ban

How to get fortnite on ipad - After the legal problems between Apple and Epic Games, playing Fortnite on iPhone or iPad was impossible, until now. And it is that Nvidia GeForce Now allows us to play the battle royale from our mobile devices, just as if we had it installed.

We remember that the legal dispute led Apple to ban, almost for life, Fortnite from its ecosystem, leaving millions of mobile players without the possibility of experiencing this frantic game.

How to get fortnite on ipad || Play Fortnite on iPhone and iPad despite Apple ban

Although the problems still exist, Fortnite can now be played again on iPhone and iPad using Nvidia's cloud game service.

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Its cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, which will soon be available to players with Apple devices as detailed by the BBC and among the games it offers is Fortnite.

All you have to do is enter GeForce Now from your phone using the Safari browser. Once the service is launched on the device, you will be able to play various titles.

The only thing you should have is a good internet connection and that the iPhone or iPad is always connected so that Fortnite can run. You will then need to configure your Nvidia account to access GeForce Now.

Once you've set up your account, add GeForce Now to Safari. Once installed you can enter the library of our Nvidia account and add Fortnite to the library.

You open Fortnite, enter the Epic Games account and you can play. The Nvidia service will also offer other games such as Watch Dogs: Legion, the complete Assassin's Creed series, and others. 

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