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Green goblin fortnite || Green Goblin Spider-Man skin Fortnite Leak reveals

Green goblin comics - According to a new leak, Spider-Man's arch-nemesis, Green Goblin, will be joining Fortnite in his classic comic book precision suit. The Green Goblin is one of the most notorious comic book villains of all time due to the constant trauma he causes Spider-Man. While his emotional damage is likely to be kept to a minimum in Fortnite, the evil villain makes for a fun and compelling character to play as in battle royale.

Green goblin fortnite || Green Goblin Spider-Man skin Fortnite Leak reveals

Last month, Epic Games added Tom Holland's Spider-Man to Fortnite via a cosmetic package. The pack was released to not only commemorate Fortnite's third chapter, but also the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. Ironically, the Green Goblin was heavily featured as the film's main antagonist. Willem Dafoe reprized his role as the menacing villain over 20 years after his initial debut in the first Spider-Man movie. With that said, Dafoe will not be returning for a Fortnite Cameo.


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According to a leak from ChinaBR, Fortnite will be adding the Green Goblin with comic precision. GMatrixGames also posted some of the items that will be added alongside the villain, such as the iconic glider and a pumpkin bomb on his back. Green Goblin is rumored to be coming to Fortnite, but many weren't sure if it would be Willem Dafoe's version of the character. Dafoe's version takes more liberties with the costume, opting to do away with the purple hoodie and creepy green emotive face.

It remains to be seen whether Epic will add another skin that is more reminiscent of the movie version, but it looks like this one will be based on the comics. Whether Epic is planning any sort of special event to welcome the Goblin remains to be seen, but it's not hard to imagine things like pumpkin bombs being added to the game. Fortnite's newest season features Spider-Man and his universe quite prominently, so this would only add to this integration.

So far, Epic has yet to announce the Green Goblin, but the fact that footage showing the skin is starting to leak indicates its arrival is imminent. Given Fortnite is already packed with characters from Marvel and DC, the Green Goblin will fit in perfectly and will likely find cunning ways to make his enemies suffer. It's unclear if any other Spider-Man characters will appear in the game, as other villains like Venom and Carnage already made their debut in October. 

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