Where to find cube assassin fortnite and how to kill Cube Assassin

Cube assassin fortnite - As part of Fortnite Season 8's cube-filled style, a new lineup of NPCs and bosses has been introduced to give players more content to explore. One boss in particular, the Cube Assassin, appears to be eluding players and hiding in tricky places on the map.

Where to find cube assassin fortnite and how to kill Cube Assassin

To make matters more difficult, Cube Assassin does not have a 100% spawn rate within its location. Like other boss fights, Fortnite has made sure that players cannot easily defeat it, sending out other threats as well.


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How To kill Cube Assassin FORTNITE

Scattered across the Fortnite map, warped versions of the floating rifts will temporarily spawn a large side zone. The Cube Killer can only be found in these areas, but it won't always appear.

Persistence is key when it comes to defeating the Cube Assassin on multiple levels. Players may need to search for multiple side anomalies to shut down the cube killer and start the boss fight.

Where to find cube assassin fortnite and how to kill Cube Assassin

Inside the cloudy yellow dome, players will have to fend off waves of Sideways monsters, which will appear and attempt to take them down. The Cube Assassin will appear at a random spot, most likely the first or second star of the reward bar. At that point, Fortnite players will have to juggle both enemies at the same time.


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This fight is a balancing act; side monsters must be constantly defeated to keep the Anomaly alive and prevent it from disappearing. On the other hand, the Cube Assassin cannot be ignored and is the ultimate goal.

Players who can juggle fighting monsters and the Cube Assassin should be able to defeat her without too much trouble. Various weapons and a reserve of ammunition will also be needed. Taking a single weapon with a couple of clips is sure to lead to defeat, if players are unable to grab more gear during the fight.

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