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Victory Crown emote fortnite : How to get free Victory Crown emote

How to get crown emote fortnite -  Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has finally arrived, introducing tons of new features, gameplay mechanics, characters, and an entirely new island. Even the weapons are new, which is a huge change for Fortnite.


One of the most exciting introductions this season is Victory Crown, which is a game item that players can have while they are alive. Here's how to get one, use it, and unlock the free emote that comes with it.

Victory Crown emote fortnite : How to get free Victory Crown emote


Fortnite players may have noticed that some names appear in gold in the kill feed (and when thanking the bus driver). Those players have a victory crown, hence the gold color.

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How to get the crown emote in fortnite

In Fortnite Chapter 3, Victory Crowns are awarded to players who finish at or near the top of a match. Players don't have to win, but they do have to get pretty close. Then, they will be the ones with golden names since they will start the next game with him. The following locations will earn a Victory Crown:

  • Solo: the first four
  • Duets: players in the top two
  • Trios: winners
  • Teams: winners


Fortnite players will retain the Victory Crown for as long as they are alive. If they die, they will drop it for another player to potentially pick it up. This is how new players get them, although they can be kept indefinitely.


To get the emote, players must do a simple task: win with the Crown of Victory. Unfortunately, it doesn't help players on their quest to win a Victory Royale, but they can stumble upon an intact crown to unlock an exclusive emote.

The gesture is titled “Coronation Achievement” and will display the number of victories players have earned while wearing the Victory Crown. 


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