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Disney Melee Mania is the next big Apple Arcade exclusive

Disney Melee Mania - Apple has announced Disney Melee Mania, a new battle game featuring Disney characters coming to Apple Arcade.

Apple Arcade continues to improve with the arrival of exclusive games and we already have more than 200 great titles that we can enjoy from the iPhone, iPad, Apple TV or Mac. And now Apple has just made a major announcement revealing its next big release. : Disney Melee Mania.

Apple today announced its collaboration with Disney and Pixar on a promising new Apple Arcade game. Apple has not yet shared a release date for the new game, it only says "Coming Soon", but it is already listed in the App Store to pre-order.

"Players will join forces in thunder-ready teams featuring iconic characters and Disney and Pixar fan favorites, exposing them in a dazzling and never-before-seen virtual arena. From Wreck-It Ralph, to Elsa, to Mickey, Frozono, Vaiana or Buzz Lightyear, each player will choose their holographic hero to fight in 3v3 multiplayer battles with friends and foes as they compete to become the best Disney champions. "

As explained in the description of the App Store, the game has these 5 main features:

  • 5 minute melee battles: Quick matches to fight at any time. Fight cunningly to make every moment count!
  • 12 Champions: Choose your party of 3 holographic champions from a long list of Disney and Pixar characters and progress with them!
  • Multiple game modes: New challenges to test your skills and improvements!
  • Customize your matches: Equip yourself with attractive outfits and character traces!
  • Regular Events: Win matches every day for unique prizes!
Disney Melee Mania is the next big Apple Arcade exclusive

In addition to Disney Melee Mania, Apple has also announced that "LEGO Star Wars: Castaways" will launch on Friday, November 19 at Apple Arcade, another new game exclusive to the platform.

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