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Containment specialist fortnite : All Fortnite Containment Specialist missions

Containment specialist fortnite -  Ghostbusters are coming to Fortnite! These are all containment specialist missions, a battle pass that will make you jump a tear

Containment specialist fortnite : All Fortnite Containment Specialist missions

Ghostbusters: Afterlife will be the next movie from the legendary group fighting ghosts. Fortnite has echoed the movie and has included a small battle pass, which is part of the Containment Specialist missions and will bring you good rewards.

Remember that the first thing you will have to do is meet the character who gives these missions, which is located right in Camping Haddock, the island that is to the east of Battle Island. Its specific location is as follows:

Containment specialist fortnite : All Fortnite Containment Specialist missions

Next, we show you all the multiphase missions of this one and how you can overcome them quickly and easily.

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Containment Specialist Afterlife : Ghostbuster Missions


1/5: Deploy seismographs in Campo Calígine or Rincón Rencoroso (0/3) - 30,000 experience
As in all missions of this nature, you will have to look in these two locations for a series of bluish shadows that, when you get closer, will let you press the interaction button to place the seismograph. There are only 3 that you have to place and you just have to go to one of the two locations to fulfill it.

2/5: Kill Minimal Scallops with a Pickaxe in Laguna Lodosa, Sleeping Pools, or Ciudad Comercio (0/3) - 30,000 experience
This mission may sound a bit like Chinese to you, but don't worry, because we have prepared a specific guide so you don't have to eat your head too much.

3/5: Destroy cars to collect mechanical parts (0/5) - 30,000 experience
It is an easy mission, since there are cars cars everywhere and you will only have to destroy them with your pick to complete the mission.

4/5: Place Ghostbusters Posters in Holy Hedges, Filthy Docks or Pleasant Park (0/3) - 30,000 experience
As in the first mission, go to those four areas and you will find places with a kind of holographic blue shadow. Get close to them to accomplish the mission objective.

5/5: Deploy a Ghost Trap (0/1) - 30,000 experience
A series of locations will be marked on the map to which you will have to go

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