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Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, Read here

Best landing spots fortnite - If you've been playing Fortnite for a while, I don't need to tell you the importance of landing on a loot-rich POI. If you're new to the game, your choice of landing site affects your chances of achieving that "Victory Royale."

Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7, Read here
The season is almost over and the importance of landing in good places is more important than ever. Now would be the perfect time to take a call about the best landing spots in Fortnite.

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Best landing spots in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7

#1 hijackers

Hijackers are not seen very often in Fortnite. But when they are, it's probably best to land on them.
You can't just find alien tech weapons on top of these hijackers. You can also come across normal weapons.  Second, you can use these hijackers as loot stops before landing at any specific POIs.

#2 Corny Complex

Corny Complex is probably the most important POI of Fortnite Season 7. This place houses an underground IO base.

You will also find Doctor Slone here. Corny Complex will soon be hijacked on the mothership along with the countermeasure device.

What makes this place so special? Well, you have tons of articles to search here. Not only that, you also have a UFO that is hidden inside one of the barns.

#3 Dirty springs

This place is a personal favorite. I prefer to land in this place because it is a treasure trove of building materials. It also has a fair amount of loot. You will not leave this place empty-handed, I can guarantee that.

Also, Dirty Docks has its own Weapon-O-Matic machine. You can buy weapons from this stall in exchange for gold.   Oh, and before I forget, the armored Batman NPC shows up here!

#Holly Hatchery

This POI is being invaded by aliens right now. Not only does it have those weird low-gravity zones, but it also has other unfriendly alien NPCs. It's not a very nice place to land, I know.

But this place is rich in loot. In addition, you can also grab an alien nanny! These commonly occur within alien biomes as floor loot. You can also get one or two by opening chests.

You can kill those alien intruders and get a new copy of Kymera Ray Gun. And finally, you can also find alien parasites here.

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#5 Believer's beach

Tall buildings, a beach and a lot of open sea. Sounds so nice, right? Well, it's not so nice anymore. This place is riddled with enemy loopers in almost every game.

But again, this place is extremely rich in the loot it has to offer. Each building has at least one chest. Other than that, you have a ton of ground loot that you can get. There are also many cars that you can use to escape this area if it is too hot.

These are the 5 best landing spots in Fortnite. Although where I would choose to land would depend a lot on which path the battle bus takes, but these are still my favorites.

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