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Where To Find Side Scythe Fortnite Season 8

Scythe fortnite -  Players who want to try out Fortnite's newest melee weapon, the Side Scythe, can find details on its origin here.

The side scythe is a new melee weapon in Fortnite Season 8, and at higher rairites it packs a punch. Before a player can feel the power of this weapon for themselves, they will need to locate one, and it may not be clear exactly where it came from. For those players who are having trouble tracking the Fortnite Sideways Scythe, details on its location and its usefulness can be found in this guide.


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 Where To Find Side Scythe Fortnite Season 8 

Where to get the side scythe in Fortnite

As the name of the article suggests, the side scythe can be obtained by visiting the side in Fortnite. For the uninitiated, Sideways is a special area that was introduced in Season 8, and fans can locate it by looking at their in-game maps. More specifically, Sideways appears on the map as a purple and orange circle, and its exact position changes with each match.

Once a player has entered Sideways, he should simply start looting chests. In fact, Sideways Scythe has a chance to appear in these containers, although a Fortnite fan is certainly not guaranteed to receive the weapon from every chest they open. Also, it's important to note that chests on Sideways are often targeted by multiple people in a match, and players behind the scythe will therefore need to make their loot quickly.

Alternatively, fans can try to get their hands on a side scythe by defeating the new Caretaker boss. To locate this colossal creature, players must look for a very small vertical line that moves on their maps in Fortnite, as in fact that marks the position of the caretaker. After that line has been discovered, fans must head to its location to force the boss to appear. Players will find themselves facing off with the caretaker in a side arena, occasionally dropping the scythe when he is killed.

How To use Sideways Scythe in Fortnite

There are a few different attacks that can be performed with this new Fortnite melee weapon. The most basic is a simple melee attack, which is executed by pressing the fire button. Players can also press that button repeatedly to join a combo or press it while in midair for a hit attack. Finally, fans can hold down the aim button to charge up the scythe, which is a good way to cover great distances quickly.

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