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Stats fortnite, How to see Fortnite statistics on your Android mobile

How to check fortnite stats - If there is a game that has been on everyone's lips for a few months, it is Fortnite. There is little left for the company to launch the game on Android, the only platform that currently does not have this installment. 


We are sure that you play Fortnite, whether on an iPad, a computer or a console. Today we leave you with a very simple application that helps us to know all our Fortnite statistics. It doesn't matter what platform we play on, since the application will show us the data. No registration is required, so your account will be very secure.

Stats fortnite, How to see Fortnite statistics on your Android mobile

We cannot assure you that other similar applications are as secure, although the key is to distrust all those applications that ask you for your account password. These applications need to know who you are to show you the data, although the legal ones use the username that we use in the game. Simply with that they can access the game servers and offer you all your statistics.

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Compare your Fortnite stats with your friends


Within the game itself there is a section where there is a lot of information about the casualties you have made, the games you have won and things like that. Of course, you need to change modes to see all your data and you don't always have everything you need. The application that we leave you today is called 'Unofficial Fortnite Stats'. Yes, it is a third-party application that is not official, but don't worry, it works perfectly.

Once installed, we just have to put our username so that it gives us all the data about our life in the game. We can know the games we have played, the casualties we have made, our ratio of casualties/deaths and dozens of other data. We can filter by platform and game mode, although there is also a section that shows us the full statistics, including all game modes and taking the average.

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We have compared these statistics with those shown in the official game and they are exactly the same. It is a simple application, it takes up very little space, it has almost no advertising and it allows us to check our statistics and those of our friends. We only need to know the username of any player to be able to know his data. This way you can know how many casualties your favorite youtuber has had or how many games the user who just killed you has played.

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