Fortnite weekly challenges, how to all the missions Fortnite week 14 challenges of Season 3

Fortnite week 14 challenges - Fortnite is already saying goodbye to the season with new challenges for the community. We share a video of how to do all the challenges to save time in your games.

Fortnite weekly challenges,  how to all the missions Fortnite week 14 challenges of Season 3

There are more challenges in the new weekly batch of Fortnite. The Epic Games Battle Royale shared the list of missions and rewards for those who add the last available experience points before the end of the season. The challenges of Week 14 of Season 3 will serve to unlock the latest Battle Pass prizes. If you don't want to waste time on the map, we recommend following the clues in this guide.

Please note that challenges and missions appear in the Fortnite file system. You will have seven days to complete all the challenges and get the rewards in XP.

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FORTNITE CHAPTER 3 | Season 3 Week 14 Challenges

  • Catch or collect a Fish from Point Zero (0/1) - Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Destroy structures with a Kamehameha (0/10) - Reward: 15,000 Season PE
  • Eliminate enemy players in named locations (0/3) - Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Use a launch pad in Loot Raft and Rampage Cavern (0/2) – Reward: 15,000 Season PE
  • Pick up items while sliding (0/3) - Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Bounce off an Impact Platform and fall from a height of 9 stories or more (0/1) - Reward: 15,000 Season XP
  • Deal damage to enemies from a distance of 5 meters or less (0/300) - Reward: 15,000 Season XP


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YouTuber Perfect Score shared a tutorial with all of this week's challenges. We recommend you to write down the area of ​​each challenge to do several challenges in a single game. Take advantage of this opportunity to get more XP and thus unlock the Battle Pass prizes.

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