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Where to find Omni Chips fortnite || Omni sword fortnite

Omni sword quests -  The IO, who was believed to have been wiped out when the island flipped, has resurfaced in Fortnite Season 2. Now, they're in a turf war with The Seven that actually affects the game's map.

A lot has changed between Season 1 and Season 2. The IO has established operating bases around the map, airships are stationed over popular POIs, and it can no longer be built. It's a very confusing time for Fortnite players.

One change that is not entirely clear is the areas that have appeared on the game map. The blue and red outlines separate the map into different territories and some players don't know what they are.

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What are the blue and red lines on the Fortnite map?

In short, the blue and red lines mark areas controlled by The IO or The Seven. The blue zones belong to The Seven and the red zones belong to The IO.

What does this mean in game terms? In the red zones, the NPCs will be hostile towards the players. But in the blue zones, the NPCs are friendly.

Also, players can find tanks in red zones, since they are IO vehicles. Every time the battle bus is added, players will find them in blue zones. You will also find different mythical bosses armed with weapons in different zones.

Where to find Omni Chips fortnite || Omni sword fortnite

We currently don't know if the zones will have any other impact on the game as the season has just started. But we will continue to keep this piece updated as more information becomes available.

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